Who are you guys?

Good question, who are we? We are an independent web design and development agency based in Amsterdam. We have designed and built websites and applications used by millions of people. Bakker Labs was started and is owned by Jaap Bakker. We like to inspire with our designs. We want to wow you, your visitor, user, client or whoever is using the product that we design for you. We won’t go for less. We’re always developing our skills, staying on top of the latest trends and developments in UI, UX and modern day web development.

Our vision

We believe in simplicity and clarity in design ánd in development. That doesn’t mean we don’t go crazy every once in a while.

The tools we use

This website used to be a custom build node.js application with a blog powered by Ghost. We soon found this solution way to complicated and moved to a different setup. Right now the whole website is built using Jekyll. For the layout we’re using a slightly modified Flexbox Grid just because flexbox is awesome and it’s made developing web applications so much easier.

What’s that font?

You like it? Me too 👌! It’s called Bree and you can get it on fonts.com! We always design with the profile of the client in mind. We think it’s worth paying nice products. If there’s a font you desperately need, get it, I’ll help you with it. If you don’t you’ll never be happy with the end result.